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Rocky Mountain Containment
Poly Spray Services

RMC Supplies and Installs Secondary Containment Systems that Include:

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Custom Sized Steel Berm AssembliesGeotextile Lined

Custom sized steel berm assemblies lined with a polyurea sprayed geotextile creating an 80 to 100 mil monolithic liner resistant to movement & settling, fire, hail & rodent chews.

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Specialized Liquid Polyurea & Liquid Polyurethane Products Strong, Durable & Impact Tolerant

Utilizing specialized liquid polyurea and liquid polyurethane products and proprietary next generation products including RMC Poly-Flex FR to create protective coatings that are fire resistant, UV and chemical resistant and unrivaled in strength, durability and impact tolerance. These qualities prevent leakage into sensitive substrates, provides for the capture and containment of releases and spills and facilitates timely cleanups.

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Application BreadthLeading Industry R & D into New Application Possibilities

Applications include tank farms, compressor floors & process buildings, pipe & cable trays, concrete & steel troughs, large collection ponds, waste water wells, etc.

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